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Coworking center - more for family with children

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Looking for a way to bring together business, education and family? 

In the UniCare coworking center you can find:

* space to work & a place to meet with your clients 

  (coworking for working parents)
* opportunity for education
* professional entry
* pleasant environment

Coworking center for working parents....
...you are on maternity / parental leave, you would like business, BUT....

* you don't know what to do with children
* you don't know how to do
* missing you money
* you have no where...

Write to coworking@unicare.sk and maybe you will find a solution just for you Žmurkajúci
If you think that our solutions will help to your friends, delight us, when you send them this message...


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Connect your business, personal development and family

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