Kindergarten LittleAngels


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place where the child is a child:

ü individual approach

ü bilingual kindergarten

ü new attractive environment

ü qualified staff

ü security and safety - iCare system

ü healthy baby food and drinking regime

ü healthy environment - Therapy Air® Plus

ü professional diagnostics a wellness

UniCare center - beyond traditional solutions


About us


center of entertainment, relaxation and education:

ü activities for children – painting, music

        swimming, skating, dancing...

ü Baby Fit – exercise for mothers & kids

ü an unique, fun and original kids parties

ü children's camps and family holidays

ü babysitting in our center, home care...


UniCare center - beyond traditional solutions


About us


services for the whole family:

ü babysitting, accompanying children

        everywhere you need

ü help with housework

ü exercise for parents and their kids

ü courses for women on maternity

ü wellness teraphy in Snoezelen

ü family holiday full of fun and joy

UniCare center - beyond traditional solutions

Coworking center

About us


  • space to work & a place to meet with your clients
  • opportunity to education
  • professional entry
  • pleasant environment


... and much more ... beyond traditional solutions

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