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100% Satisfaction GuaranteeUniCare company is the founder of KinderCareCenter a FamilyCareCenter in newly built complex ShipHouse, which is situated in a quiet green street near a busy junction of Prievozská and Gagarinova streets with excellent infrastructure linking to the highway and city center. Their common goal is to bring new modern solutions for the leisure-time activities and care for both children and adults to the market.


Our vision:

We will try to do our best to be perceived by our clients as the first and the most attractive Center in Slovakia providing the best quality complex services for children and their parents.


Our mission:

Our mission is to grow together with our clients – children and their parents. We want to widen the boundaries of our Center in order to show our clients that they are the most important for us and that their satisfaction is the essence of every decision we make. We bring extraordinary personal comfort for parents who matter who and how is taking care about their children’s treasures. Each of us contributes in creation of an inspiring environment in which we like to work, realize our social goals and strive to be getting better.



Values which give meaning to our work:


Credibility. Building the trust of our clients by patient work to show them that we deserve it.  UniCare´s values


Creativity. We bring new attractive solutions supporting new and innovative thinking.


Continuous growth and development. We aim higher that it is generally expected, we know what we want to achieve, and we will never stop. Perseverance, patience and courage are the main attributes we use looking for new ideas for improvement.


Enthusiasm. We seek to inspire people and to exceed their expectations.


Open approach. We solve any problem openly and respectfully to everyone. Transparency is the most important aspect of everything we do.


Demandingness. We always do our best and we will never do with the average.


Team spirit. We recognize the strength of the team and we make part of it. We are willing to cooperate and respect each other.


Humanity. Our power is coming from our human attitude. We create an atmosphere of partnership by our pleasant behavior, smile, eye contact, open communication and active listening.


Profitability. Each of us wants to get more in the future. Therefore, we evaluate the skills and talent of our children, especially from the long-term point of view. Because long-term success is the result of partial successes.


Customer loyalty. Satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients who return to our Center with joy, because there are always new solutions for them. We ask them, we listen to them, and therefore we understand their needs.


Safety. We believe that the safety of our children is not only our duty but it is also the basis for a relationship that we want to build with our clients. 


Extending efforts to increase the profiling in the field of social responsibility, we founded our own UniCare non-profit organization in December 2009. Its activities will be financed from assignment of 2% of tax revenue generated by companies with which we have agreed on cooperation, also by contributions of employees, our clients, but also by direct investments of UniCare company, what we consider to be a suitable and effective way of managing funds in accordance with the activities of UniCare company social responsibility.

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